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Suit alteration FAQs

1. How much will Suit alterations cost? 

The most common alterations are listed below but if you require anything not on the list please get in touch for pricing.

Trousers - Shorten: £15-£25        Taper legs: £25        Take in/out: £25     

Jacket -  Shorten sleeves: £25-£50    Taper Sleeves: £25         Take in: £35

2. How many fittings will I need?

Two fittings will be needed for suit alterations.

3. What happens at the first fitting?

During your first fitting we will ask you to put your suit on and discuss the alterations you would like. The alterations will be pinned in place and a list of the work needed to be done will be made. Once you're happy with the alterations we will go through the paper work, in which you will receive the cost of the work done to your outfit. A 50% deposit is taken and the suit is left with us to complete the sewing. 

4. What happens at the second fitting?

When you return for your second fitting you will put your suit on to make sure it is fitting beautifully. Once you are happy with the alterations the remaining balance is paid and you are able to take your suit home.

5. What should I bring to my suit fittings?

If you are having trousers altered it is best to bring the shoe you are planning on wearing with them to both fittings. 

For jacket alterations make sure you bring a shirt with you and if you plan on wearing a waistcoat underneath its best to bring that too.

6. How long will the suit alterations take?

We aim to complete suit alterations within 1-2 weeks. However during the summer they may take slightly longer so if you are having a suit altered for a specific date it is best to book in for 3-4 weeks before the event.

7. Can I bring friends and family to my alteration appointments?

Yes! We welcome bringing people to the fittings with you, however please limit this to 2-3 people. Unfortunately we advise against bringing young children with you as you will need to stand still for the appointment.

8. How do you work out the Price of my alterations?

The price of suit alterations are based on an hourly rate and the amount of time we think your alterations will take based on average times of past suits.

Suit alterations FAQs

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